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Corcovado National Park & Private Reservats – DAYTRIPS

Corcovado National Park & Private Reservats – DAYTRIPS

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Corcovado National Park with the best tour guides in Drake Bay, Costa Rica. At Apartementos Caligo de Osa, we believe in offering our guests peace of mind during their stay and that’s why we organize the Corcovado National Park tour with the best guides in the area.

If you’re a nature lover, then a visit to Corcovado National Park is a must-do. This nationally protected area is one of Costa Rica’s premier wildlife viewing destinations and is home to an incredible array of wildlife. With over 150 species of mammals, 120 reptiles, and over 480 kinds of birds, Corcovado National Park is a true jungle paradise. Corcovado is the most pristine national park in Costa Rica. A place of the most biodiversity on earth. All hikers are required to hike with a guide. No one is allowed to enter the park without a guide.

The tour begins early in the morning from Drake Bay beach, where you’ll board a boat that will take you along the stunning coastline to Corcovado National Park. Our experienced and trained tour guides, who are fluent in both English and Spanish, will lead you on a hike through the jungle, showing you all the amazing wildlife that the park has to offer. Endangered species like the Bairds’ Tapir, Scarlet Macaw, Three-toed Sloth, White-lipped Peccary, Great Harpy Eagle, Puma and even Jaguars are all known to reside in Corcovado. You may also see White-Faced Capuchin, Howler, Spider, and Squirrel monkeys on this incredible hike.

Consider making your reservations BEFORE arriving in Costa Rica.
Please note that the boat ride to Corcovado National Park can be bumpy and may take at least 40 minutes depending on which park ranger station you wish to visit.

Small group up to max. 8 participants

Optional:   Private Guide   –   On request, you can also book your own private guide just for you at an additional cost of $ 100 per tour

What’s included

• Ticket National Park or private reservat
• Certified guide
• Boat and car transfers  –  From Drake Bay to the stations and back
• Snacks
• Lunch   –   If you are vegetarian, have food restrictions or allergies, let us know. We will take this into consideration.

What’s not included

• Optional:  Private Guide on Request you can book a private guide for you for additional $ 100 per Tour
• Optional:  Horesback riding to Tamandua

Deposit: $40.- p. Person upon booking

Down payment is non-refundable if the participant cancels.
If the tour company cancels, the deposit will be refunded 100%.

Disclaimer: Loco Rico Tours and Caligo de Osa takes no responsibility for injury or loss incurred during the Corcovado National Park or private Reservat tour. Guests participate at their own risk and are advised to take out adequate travel insurance.


Tour to San Pedrillo Ranger Station

San Pedrillo Rangers Station is the closest station to Drake Bay by boat (approximately 40 minutes). The station is located right in front of the beach next to the San Pedrillo river mouth and is surrounded by Primary Rainforest with an excellent network of trails that border the rocky beaches, a waterfall, streams and small rivers that drain right in to the ocean. There are also restrooms, picnic area and showers available for all visitors.

This tour starts at 6:00am and includes a hike to a beautiful waterfall—perfect for a refreshing swim after your walk. Don’t forget your swimming clothes, if you want to refresh in the clear water of the waterfall.

We will do 2 hike in total round about 4-5 hours with a small breake in between.
On this tour we will enjoy a delicious picnic lunch in the National Park.

We will return from this adventure around 1:30pm.

Price per person: $ 100.-


Tour to Sirena Ranger Station

Sirena Ranger Station is located in the deep, biologically intense center of the Corcovado National Park and hosts an abundance of wildlife of all types. Undeniably, Sirena Ranger Station is the best destination for unparalleled wildlife viewing in Corcovado, and quite possibly Costa Rica. Located in the core of Corcovado National Park, Sirena Ranger Station is a unique piece of heaven for some of the rarest animals of tropical Central America.
The station itself lends for a rustic energy with its wooden buildings connected by covered walkways. Surrounded by unique landscapes and what National Geographic claims to be the most biologically intense place on earth.

Search for rare and endangered animals amongst pristine natural conditions. Species such as 4 different species of monkeys including capuchin, howler and the acrobatic spider monkeys. Snakes, sloths, macaws and tons of other rare bird species are all commonly seen around the dense and exuberant flora from the rainforests of Osa. It is the right habitat to meet the tapir, its rivers are patrolled by large crocodiles and bull sharks, the only thing you need is to follow your guide and enjoy the tropical forest. The ranger station has facilities like showers, restrooms, free drinkable water refill, a little souvenir shop and a restaurant.

The tour starts at 6am and we will reach Sirena beach after a beautiful 1-hour boat ride along the coast.

Our tour guide will take you on a 4.5 hour hike, including a short break and snacks along the way.
We will return from this adventure around 2:30pm.

On your return, a costarrisence typical lunch awaits us at a restaurant in Drake Bay.

Price per person: $ 110.-


Tour combination Sirena and San Pedrillo

The tour begins at 6:00am with a 1 hour boat ride from Drake Bay to the Sirena Biological Station. Once there, you will take a quiet 4-hour walk along the trails that they surround Sirena Station.
Then we walk back to the pier and we will take a ride on 45 minute boat to San Pedrillo station at 12:30 p.m. to the arrive at the station, we will take a 30 minute break to start take the walk to the waterfall. Finaly we will walk some kilometers through the primary rainforest, more than 3000 years old, to Playa Ricon. There we will be picked up and taken back to Drake Bay.

On this tour we will enjoy a delicious picnic lunch in the National Park.

We will return from this adventure around 4:00pm.

Tour requires good physical conditions.

Price per person: $ 175.-


Tour to Tamandua biological reservat (optional with horseback riding)

Tamandua biological reserve is located within the tropical forest in the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve, at the gates of Corcovado, on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. The Station have several hectares of primary forest are currently protected, accompanied by bungalows, trails, waterfalls and rivers and is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation of Corcovado National Park. Additionally, several non-profit scientific research projects like Monitoring and inventory of orchids, Butterfly monitoring and Species inventory are being carried out for the benefit of the area. A beautiful waterfall and lagoon invites you to swim and relax. Don’t forget your swimming clothes, if you want to refresh in the clear water of the waterfall. Tamandua has facilities like showers, restrooms, free drinkable water refill and also you can buy snacks.
This tour is an equal alternative to the more popular Corcovado National Park.

On this tour we would like to offer our guests 2 options for getting to the Tamandua biological station.

Option 1: We will pick you up from your hotel by car and drive you directly to the station. After the tour, return by car to your hotel.
Option 2: You ride a horse on the wonderful path to the station through the rainforest, crossing several rivers until you reach the station. You also enjoy the way back on horseback.

The adventure begins at 7:30 a.m. for the horseriders and at 8:30 a.m. for the participants who arrive by car. In both options we will pick you up from your hotel.

Once you arrive in Tamandua, our guide will accompany you on a 3 km long hiking trail through the primary rainforest, crossing small rivers to finally reach a beautiful waterfall with a lagoon. Here you can swim and cool off. There is also a small cave with bats at the lagoon.

Your guide will explain topics of forest ecology, medical plants and it is possible to observe mostly birds, lizards, insects, monkeys and perhaps some more mammals.

On this tour we will enjoy a delicious picnic lunch at Tamandua Station.

We will return from this adventure around 1:30pm.

Price per person: $ 85.-

(+optional $20.- for horseback riding)



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